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GRP Flat Roofing specialise in quality flat roofing systems that are guaranteed for 25 years. Unlike traditional felt which often came apart overtime, GRP Roofing, Fibreglass Roofing is strong and durable, cost effective, maintenance free, there are no seams no joints and no welds so its completely watertight .


grp flat roofing  fibreglass roofing
grp flat roofing  fibreglass roofing
  • Supply and Installation

  • Completely Watertight

  • Maintenance Free

By supplying and fitting and using the highest quality products on the market, with our vast experience and personal touch, we ensure that every customer is completely satisfied.


Compared to old traditional felt roofing, which often came apart overtime letting the elements in. GRP roofing renowned for its strength, is completely maintenance free.

With the entire roof encapsulated into one single continuous GRP membrane

there are no seams joints or welds. So it remains completely watertight and UV resistant.

grp flat roofing  fibreglass roofing
grp flat roofing  fibreglass roofing
grp flat roofing  fibreglass roofing
  • Seamless Tough and Hard Wearing

  • 25 Year Guarantee

  • Insulation Properties

Due to its extreme durability versatility and strength and the fact that its incredibly hard wearing and resistant. GRP makes the an ideal roofing product application.

The GRP roofing Guarantee Protection Scheme ensures that you continue to receive the highest quality product and service support for the full 25 years.

Glass reinforced plastic is lightweight. It has a high strength to weight ratio, and with excellent thermal insulation properties it will keep your room or garage warm and dry.

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